Maranatha Prayer Conference was birthed as a prayer ministry in 2008 by the gathering of three friends who identified a need to seek the face of God for the salvation and deliverance of others. We acknowledged that even the saved and redeemed of the Lord were suffering and most were still under bondage and limitation. After a month of prayer and fasting a conference line was established to allow others to join.

This fellowship of like minded Christians would meet 3 times every day to pray and as often as possible fast to seek God’s face for His children especially those in the diaspora who have been disenfranchised and disconnected from their home Churches and places of worship. Considering the distance that existed between all the three friends, creating a virtual community using a conference phone system was very adaptive to the vision. Later , it became a useful forum just as any Church where people would gather to worship, pray, seek the face of God, intercede for each other, pray for the kingdom and meet the needs of others even those we do not know.

In January of 2012, Dr. Samuell Addy, the founder and minister in lead was officially ordained by Pastor Morris Cerullo at the World Evangelism Conference in San Diego, California.

In November , 2013 Pastor Addy was released of his official duties at his local church, a sign that God was calling him into fulltime ministry. Miracles and testimonies attributed to the Lord’s work at Maranatha and the gradual but steady growth of the ministry as becoming a clear sign that the ministry should be go fulltime and reach out to more people around the world. In March, 2014, the ministry was registered as a fulltime virtual church without walls. Pastor Addy has declined to receive wages or salary from his engagement with the ministry.

MPC looks forward for the fulfillment of God’s divine will upon the lives of many who seek Him through worship, praise, prayer, the study of His word and seeking to meet the needs of others.