Dr. Samuell Addy
Senior Pastor

I am the founder and Pastor of MPC. I am passionate about the kingdom and breaking new grounds where lost souls can be reached and given the same opportunity that you and I have to spend eternity with our Father in Heaven. I invite you to join me on this zealous quest. I believe that if you will believe then with God, all things are possible. 


Samuel Sarpong Moderating Pastor

Elder Mensah Moderating Elder

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I am the fouder and Pastor and founder of Living Word Outreach Ministries, Hartford Connecticut. I live prayer, breathe prayer and sleep praying. I believe in the authentic word of God which is delivered in power as the Holy spirit authors. Join me on from 9-11pm every Monday night to seek the face of God concerning your supplications, needs and desires. If you have faith, I believe that the Lord can do all things. Let me hear your voice soon.
I have a passion for worship and prayer. Coming into the presence of the most High God must be a thought out process that considers the importance of worship and praise. I also believe that every Christian should live a good and a righteous life worthy of the name of our Lord. On Friday nights from 11-12midnight, join me for an intercessors night with the Lord and your life will not be the same.

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Elder Kumi Moderating Elder

I moderate from Ghana every Tuesday evening at 9:00pm. My passion is prayer. I inspire you to move beyond mediocrity. I am never satisfied with the status quo and I believe that you will be transformed by the undeniable power in the blood of Jesus. Shalom.
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