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Maranatha is Christ's Prayer Altar and we are a bunch of serious warriors of the Kingdom employing the word of God through prayer to enforce our deliverance from every oppression and intimidation of the devil. There is no question that the devil has not suspended his evil enterprise and neither has he instructed his demons to abandon their evil ways. There are wicked and evil people in this world and most of them conspire with these demons to carry out autracious deeds that are often beyond human comprehension. Until we take up the very power that Christ gave us to overcome all demons (Luke 9:1), we will remain victims of their evil expectations.

I have often been questioned about how a Christian can be oppressed if he's saved and Christ has already won the battle? The clear answer to the question rests with Christ's instructions to the Disciples - dont forget that you and I are disciples of Christ likewise;

"Then he called his twelve disciples together, and gave them power and authority over all devils, and to cure diseases". Luke 9:1 

If there was no need to address, cast out, resist, overcome or disempower demons, then what was the need of the power? Christ spent time to train His disciples to be fully equipped to deal with demons and when the achieved this feat in Luke 10:19, He rejoiced and celebrated the occassion.

Child of God, connect whenever you can and let's pray to deliver you and your family from the bondages of oppression and affliction. The devil is no match.